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Family Dental

You’ll Find Excellent Family Dental at Garnett Family Dental

When your favorite smiles are at stake, you need a family dentist you can trust. The dentists at Garnett Family Dental have been helping patients of all ages develop healthy habits and smiles. In fact, we can see your entire family at the same time!

Develop Healthy Habits For Your Kids

The key to a lifetime of healthy teeth is the development of healthy habits early in life. You can bring your child to see us as soon as they have enough teeth to warrant a visit! Our youngest patients tend to be about 18 months old, but we often see their parents and grandparents as well.

Multigenerational dental care is important to us because it’s great for your family. Imagine how much more comfortable your child will be at the dentist if they can sit and watch you get a cleaning, too!

Choose a Family Dentist Who Works For You

It’s important to select a family dentist who offers the things you are looking for. No matter what stage of life you are in, we have options that will help you and your family have healthier smiles. Whether your teenager needs a custom athletic mouthguard for school sports or your father-in-law needs a dental implant, we are here for your family.

We can see all your family members at the same time and get you out of the office as quickly as possible. Choose a time that works best for your entire crew! We can’t wait to see you and help your little ones grow with excellent oral health.

Relieving Dental Anxiety

Get Rid of Your Dental Fear and Enjoy a Trip to Our Dentist Office

Have your teeth cleaned or repaired with absolutely none of the fear! When you visit Garnett Family Dental, you will discover an atmosphere that removes the tension and nerves. You can expect wonderful things during your appointment, such as:

Call 785-448-2487 today to make the appointment you’ve been putting off due to fear. Trust that we will provide a friendly, warm, and comfortable experience for you.

Our Staff Makes the Dentist Office Fun

You will soon meet the many delightful members of our team. We have male and female doctors who will make you laugh and help you relax during your visit. Our staff is equally wonderful! They even take notes about what you like (and don’t like) during your appointment so that the next time you visit, we are ready with all of your favorites, like a pillow or warm blanket.

You hear of dentist offices who “cater to cowards,” but we try to cater to everyone. We understand that almost no one enjoys having dental work done, so we try to make every single appointment a relief for the person sitting in the patient chair. We’ll even honor your request to see a favorite doctor or hygienist.

Relax When You Visit Our Comforting Office

Sometimes overcoming your dental fear takes a little bit longer, but we are here to help. We’ll answer any questions you have before or during your procedure. You can relax and leave your smile in our care.

Call us today at 785-448-2487. Let us know about your dental anxiety, and we will take every step within our power to help your first visit be as reassuring as possible. Don’t delay any longer! The health of your smile depends on it.