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Dental Crowns & Dental Bridges

Repair Tooth Damage With Crowns and Bridges

At Garnett Family Dental, we are experts at repairing dental problems using dental crowns and bridges. Visit our office and let our staff give you a complete examination to determine if a crown or bridge is the right option to restore your natural, gorgeous smile.

Dental crowns and dental bridges are excellent options to:

Give our dentist office a call at 785-448-2487 today, and we can answer any questions you have about repairing your smile with a great-looking crown or bridge.

Restore Damaged Teeth and Get Your Smile Back With a Dental Crown

Our dentists will use one of three different materials for your crown:

  • Ceramic – Blends naturally with your teeth and is the least expensive option.
  • Zirconia – Stronger than ceramic and has a very natural-looking appearance.
  • Gold – The strongest but most expensive option (usually used by request).

Our experienced dentists will determine if a crown is right for your situation. We’ll make impressions of your teeth and take some images so your restoration can be custom made in the lab.

Once your crown is ready, we’ll prep the tooth and remove all disease and decay. Then we’ll cement the crown over the top of your tooth and ensure it fits perfectly and blends in naturally with your other teeth. You now have a restored tooth and can flash your smile with confidence again!

If your damaged or diseased tooth needs more than a standard filling but doesn’t require a crown, a dental inlay or onlay is a great option. We’ll have one custom-made for you and then cement it securely to the top of your tooth.

We Make Your Dental Crown or Bridge Procedure Easy and Comfortable

Your comfort is our top priority at Garnett Family Dental. We’ll do our best to treat you like family and make sure you feel relaxed and at ease when you have your dental appliance placed. Our staff is very personable, and they’re here to make your visit as pleasant as possible. If you’d like a comfy pillow or cozy blanket during your procedure, just ask.

Call our office today at 785-448-2487, and we’ll schedule a no-hassle appointment to discuss dental crown and bridge options with you. We also have early morning appointments available for your convenience.